My missing puzzle piece.
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As you can see in the first 15/20 frames you can see something like a kiss, but it stays the same for 100 frames which means they stayed in the same way for like 10 seconds. Idk, I think it’s weird that in the black and white part they didn’t even move. It may seem like Liam’s biting Zayn’s lip but I’m not that sure. So don’t fangirl too much (I know that’s really difficult) there may be videos or vines that show the presumed kiss better but as you can see until the gif begin to lose colours, it looks like a kiss. You can see Liam sucking Zayn’s lip and that’s so hot! So even if Zayn’s on the top Liam is kinda dominating. Well done, Liam!

My friend, who owns chocosos blog, lit up the gif and made kind of a psd on it to clirify if we were right :)

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"You’re not the only one. See?" Allison whispers to Lydia, but the girl refuses to look at the crowd that stopped in the hallway. "You don’t need to be ashamed."
"But I am. What’s everyone going to say?" Lydia whispers back.
"They’ll always talk shit, no matter if you’re dead or alive. Plus: You still got me."

In The Flesh!AU in which Lydia was strangled but then rose from her grave. She feels very insecure about her PDS state and tries her best to cover up the evidences. Allison stands by her best friend’s side, not afraid of her, and helps Lydia through everyday life.

In The Flesh! AU: Part 1/? [Part 2]

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imagine an In The Flesh con where after you buy your tickets you’re sent a pair of white contacts like the actors wear and the idea is that you just go to this con as yourself if you had PDS and there’s a big pillow fort with a tv where you can go to watch itf with other fans and another room is…

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so I found this zombie pun and I just…

"Why are zombies better lovers?

Because they’re always stiff. BOOM-BOOM!!”



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like i can’t stop picturing simon teaching kieren how to drive

  • simon bracing himself and swearing when kieren goes too fast
  • simon throwing his arm across kierens chest when he brakes too hard 
  • kieren giving simon the look when he stomps his foot on the imaginary brake
  • and of course screaming fights at a standstill “STOP SCREAMING AT ME” “I’M NOT SCREAMING AT YOU”
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and I feel in some way I do love you
but babe, I’m not in love with you (x)

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"This is who I am"

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they’re staring at each other

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- Not going on a day trip without me, are ya?
- Isn’t a day trip this time, partner.

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